What themes and designs can I use for my bathroom?

Your bathroom is one of the rooms you cannot afford to neglect in your home. Even though it is primarily for maintaining personal hygiene, it is more functional than that. It helps to increase the value of your home and provide a haven for you to relax. Here are fantastic design ideas for your bath décor:

Mix the sizes of your bathroom tiles

You can add variety to your bathroom décor by mixing different sizes of your bath tiles. You can even get different sizes with the same finish or the same sizes with a different finish. This way, you can design your bathroom without it looking overwhelming. To create more effective, use the smaller size on the wall and larger size on the floor. Ensure you use the smallest sizes where you want the focal point to be.

Use shower enclosures

Shower enclosures are becoming the next big things for the bathroom. Get a shower enclosure made of steel; this will make the enclosure airy and light while quite slender. You can also opt for shower enclosure made of other materials than steel. If you want a modern look, opt for a shower enclosure that has divided lights and more classic look.


Install oval vanity mirrors

Another design idea is to install an oval mirror over your bathroom vanity. Oval mirrors have more decorative potential than rectangular mirrors. Since your bathroom is rectangular already, oval mirrors add curved lines to it. They add more visual interest to your bathroom and make a good focal point. Ensure you hang the mirror horizontally so that you can maximize space. You can read about home products stores on uk.collected.reviews to know which items you can buy for your bathroom and where to buy them.

Design a nautical bathroom

You can create the feeling of being by a seaside by creating a nautical look in your bathroom. You do this by using crisp blue, white and wood accents to create a good nautical décor. You can also install nautical=type lighting and porthole-like mirror to complete the nautical design.

Use good storage

Storage is a key area of your bathroom. If designed well, it can make your bathroom look classier and more luxurious. It also helps to ensure that your bathroom is not cluttered. You can mount racks on the wall to hang your heated towels. You can also install shelves where you can place your skincare products and other toiletries. Ensure that the storage items are made of good materials so that it will hold your stuff without breaking.

Install a statement flooring

If you want your bathroom to stand out uniquely, you should opt for a statement flooring instead of tiles. Look for one that adds pattern to your bathroom but in a more subtle manner. You can get high-quality flooring in different materials such as ceramic, marble, wood, etc. Ensure the flooring you use is water-resistant.

Use a high-quality vanity

Investing in a bathroom vanity is a good decision because it is the centrepiece of your bathroom and where you will spend most of your time in the bathroom. To add style to your bathroom, consider a furniture-style bathroom.

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