Tufted rugs are made of wool face fibers and come in various shades and colors, but you need to frequently get rid of stains and dirt to preserve their shape and appearance for an extensive time. Tufted rugs that are darker in color may not often require cleaning than light colored carpets, and knowing how to care for your rug appropriately is very important so that you do not end up destroying it.

Some treatments such as beating or shaking the tufted carpet may be too rough, and therefore advice on caring for and cleaning the carpets is essential. So how best can you care for your tufted rug:

· Sprouting

Sprouting tufts occur naturally, and it is recommended not to pull these loose ends out since you will end up damaging the tufted rug. What you can do, though, is clip the sprouts using very sharp scissors.

· Fluff

Shedding off excess fiber is quite normal for tufted rugs and disappears slowly after some time. To clear the fluff, you can vacuum using the upright vacuum.

tufted rugs

· Vacuum clean regularly

Vacuuming helps remove loose dust and dirt. And this can help, especially at the beginning of having the rug, where there is the tufted fiber’s shredding. This shredding eventually decreases after some time and does not affect the rug’s quality. Regular vacuuming also helps stops dust from settling in the fiber’s roots.

For long-pile rugs, do not use the vacuum cleaner with the rotary brush at the nozzle since the rugs have thread pairs twisted, and therefore, the vacuum may destroy the yarn.

· Cleaning

It is best not to use harsh chemicals to clean the rug since the cleaning agents tend to destroy the tufted rug’s quality and color.

If you have a dry stain, you can gently scrape it off using a spoon or edge of a knife, scraping from the outside to the center.

If it is a wet stain, then blot with a cloth by pressing on the rug to absorb most of the liquid. Afterward, dampen the stained surface with lukewarm water and blot using a cloth repeatedly until you have gotten rid of the stain. Do not rub the rug while removing the stain since it will destroy the fiber and make the cleaning process difficult.

If the rug is soaked, blot it using a cloth, ensuring it has dried on both the front and the backside.

Do not dry clean the rug; instead, look for a professional cleaner to assist with cleaning the carpet if it has borne a stain.

· Crushing

Crushing of tufted rugs occurs when heavy furniture, when left overtime cause deep impressions on the rug. To avoid these deep impressions, you can sometimes re-arrange the furniture or avoid placing sharp legged furniture on the carpet.

· Turn the rug often

If the rug is in areas where there is direct sunlight exposure, the carpet may experience color fading and wear and tear. Therefore, it is best to rotate the tufted rug often.

· Rugs treated with flame retardant.

It is vital to keep rugs away from hot surfaces and open fireplaces. However, it is possible to impregnate your rug with flame-resistant agents to keep it flame-resistant. But once the carpet has undergone cleaning, then you must re-impregnate it to keep it flame-resistant.

If you need to store your carpet for an extended time, ensure you roll it with the inner part’s front side and wrapped using a clean cloth. Otherwise, constant vacuuming and airing the rug will keep your tufted rugs in incredible shape and lasting longer.

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